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LED gyroscopic powerball

LED gyroscopic powerball

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Improve your wrist health and forearm strength!

Reason to buy a Powerball:
A good reason to buy a Powerball is to build hand and forearm strength.

How it works:
This gyroscope has 5 resistance modes. When you activate the Powerball, you can adjust the resistance mode, ranging from light to heavy, and then resist the gyroscopic forces. This requires your hands and forearms to work harder, depending on the selected resistance.

Benefits of a Powerball:

  1. Improved hand and forearm strength: Regular use of a Powerball can help build strength and grip in your hands and forearms.
  2. Recovery from wrist injuries: It can aid in recovering from wrist injuries and improving stability.
  3. Enhanced grip: It strengthens your grip and assists in daily tasks like lifting and holding objects.
  4. Stress reduction: Rotating the Powerball can reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  5. Hand and finger coordination: Using a Powerball can help enhance the coordination of your hands and fingers.
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